Campaign Volunteer (remote, UK)

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Do you envisage a world free from animal suffering? Do you care about the suffering of factory farmed animals? Do you want to use your time to help end the abuse of animals raised for food?

If so, we'd love for you to join our Volunteer community. This role can be done from anywhere, no matter where you are in the UK. No prior experience is required, just a passion and drive to make a difference to animals. There is no set time commitment, but roughly 2-4 hours a month is average for this role, depending on how much you choose to get involved with.

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our campaigns. Driving progress both from behind the scenes, and in public facing campaigns. You are the people power which helps us to achieve positive change for the animals.

As a Campaign Volunteer, you will help us drive campaign success by:

  • taking online actions

  • writing emails

  • making phone calls

  • writing letters

  • doing outreach to companies via social media

  • doing research

  • taking part in online days of action

  • connecting with your MP to campaign for change

  • and more!

All of this can be done remotely from home at a time that works for you, with options to get involved in in-person grassroots activities where available.

Everything you do in support of our campaigns will help to reduce the suffering of animals who are on factory farms right now. At the same time, you will open the eyes of the general public to the abhorrent truth of factory farming, spreading awareness and encouraging people to make different dietary choices.

We know the world won't go vegan overnight, which is why we take a 2 pronged approach in our work. We are playing the long game, reducing the suffering of animals right now in order to secure a future where no animal is abused for food. If you agree with this vision, together we can build hope for animals, and ultimately end the abuse of animals raised for food.